For Audi RS4 V6 Twin Turbo Charger 2000-05 K04 K04-025 53049880025 5304-988-0025 078145701M, 078145703M Turbocharger For Audi RS4

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For Audi RS4 V6 Twin Turbo Charger 2000-05 K04 K04-025 53049880025 5304-988-0025 078145701M, 078145703M Turbocharger For Audi RS4
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Model: A3, RS4
Engine: 1.6, 2.7T, ASJ / AZR
Year: 2000-2003, 2002-2002
OE NO.: 078145701M, 078145703M, 078145703MX, 078145703MV
Car Fitment: Audi
Condition: New
Warranty: 6 months
Size: Standard size
Car Model: for 2000-05 Audi RS4 V6, Audi A3
Engine Code: ASJ / AZR
Part Number: 53049880025
Previous Version: 5304-988-0025, 5304 988 0025
OE number: 078145701M, 078145703M, 078145703MX
Turbo Model: K04
Manufacturer Part Number: 53049700025, 5304-970-0025
Fuel: Diesel
Displacement: 2.67L, 2671 ccm , V6 Cylinders
KW: 280/380
Applications: for 2000-05 Audi RS4 V6, Audi A3
Πιστοποίηση: IATF16949 ,ISO9001
Βασικές πληροφορίες
Πιστοποίηση: IATF16949 ,ISO9001
Model Number: A3, RS4, for 2000-05 Audi RS4 V6, Audi A3, K04
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Product Discription:

Eastern Turbocharger

Turbo Charger K04 K04-025 53049880025 5304-988-0025 078145701M, 078145703M Turbocharger for Audi RS4
Turbocharger Specifications :
Part Number
Turbocharger condition
New turbo in stock
OE number
078145701M, 078145703M, 078145703MX, 078145703MV
Warranty time
6 months
Previous Version
5304-988-0025, 5304 988 0025
1 PC
Turbo Model
IATF16949 Certification
For Audi RS4 V6 Bi-turbo, Audi A4 Left Side
Manufacturer Part Number
53049700025, 5304-970-0025
Angle α (compressor housing)
As the sample shows
2.67L, 2671 ccm , V6 Cylinders
Angle β (turbine housing)
As the sample shows
2000-05 Audi RS4 V6 Biturbo Left Side with ASJ/AZR Engine
2000-05 Audi A3 with AZR/ASJ Engine
Turbocharger Display :
Fengcheng Eastern Turbocharger Manufacturing Co.,Ltd can provide custom production of precision casting products:
Turbocharger ,Turbo cartridge /CHRA/Core ,Turbine impeller /Wheel , Compressor Wheel , Compressor Housing , Turbine Housing , Turbo charger repair kits .
We have almost 1200 kinds of different turbochargers ,pls leaving us your company email if you need our catalogs !
Our Factory Profile :
Fengcheng Eastern turbocharger Co. Ltd. was founded in 1948. We are the first turbocharger manufacturer in China and also the fist company major OEM supporting sentinel professional manufacturers.

Since 1983 and 1988 we have cooperated with Chongqing Cummins Engine Co. Ltd., and Dongfeng Automobile to produce turbochargers for diesel engines. We import from Cummins Inc. with the design sheets, manufacturing technology, inspection acceptance,engineering standard test and production license technology of T-46, ST-50, HT3B, H1C, HC5A. by studying and perfecting foreign advanced technology developed on the four cylinder and sixteen cylinder; our company has developed nine versions of the 110 variant turbocharger to satisfy the 70-200KW of various automobiles, ships, engineering machinery and diesel generator, gas engine pressure requirements.

We have ISO9001, IATF16949, 2019 quality system certification, Chinese Classification Society Quality Certification of products. CJ150B and CJ150C turbo manufacturing filled the domestic need and received a national patent. CJ90B, H1C turbocharger was awarded Liaoning famous brand product, Our company gained the famous brand and the title of high-tech enterprises of Liaoning province.CJ90B turbocharger Steyr vehicle was appointed as the official transportation vehicles in the ceremony of HongKong’s came back to China in 1997.The assembly model T-46 turbocharger "Hongyan" car became the 50th Anniversary of National Day parade ceremony official transport vehicle.

The company senior technical experts wrote "automotive diesel engine turbocharger technology conditions" and "automotive diesel engine turbocharger test method".These were listed as national industry standards, in 1999 May formally endorsed by China Administration of Machinery Industry.
2019 Shanghai Auto parts Exhibition
2019 American Auto parts show Exhibition
2019 Turkey auto parts Exhibition
Experienced and professional: Our company was found in 1948 and is the first turbocharger manufacturer in China, also the first major OEM supporting professional manufacturer and earliest turbocharger supplier appointed by the main Chinese engine companies.

Guaranteed and certificated : Our company won the title of famous brand and Hi-tech company in Liaoning Province. All products are
produced under the strict control of our engineers.We sincerely provide high-quality products to our customer regardless of the amount of the order.We also won the certification of quality approval from TS16949 and product certification from CCS.

Best Service and competitive price:Our company sincerely welcome customers to give some advice to us from every aspect. Customers could also invite our factory and negotiate with us. We would certainly provide the best service and competitive price for you.
A We will introduce company and products in details.

B We will prepare the products, exporting documents and package according to customer’s inquiry.

C We will advise & answer all the questions for customer.

D We will give customer more information for using and maintenance of turbocharger.
1.What is your development time for new product?
If customer can provide sample, the development time for new product is 30-45 working days. Our production usually takes 30 days, but some new product needs additional time for tooling which will increase the production time.

2.What kind of payment method supported?
30% T/T in advance when purchaser order, 70% payments need to pay before products out of factory.

3.Could customers invite our factory and pick up the samples and products?
Customers are highly welcomed to invite our factory and negotiate with us. We would provide the best service and competitive price for you.

4. How can I realize your company and products in a better way.
Expect the company information and products shown in Alibaba Platform, you could also browse our company’s websites. The website link is

5.What is your distribution strategy?
Inner China we mainly to do OE turbocharger and OE aftermarket station and small part of the retail market. In overseas we are mainly done through Internet and exhibition of foreign sales

6. Factory- how many shifts and days per week do your workers do?
Our employees are our best asset. In our Production, manufacturing and casting department, our workers work 1 shift per day. Usually, it is a five days per week for most workers. If we receive more orders, we will adjust the working days and rest days.

7.Do you offer any training?
We have regular and irregular staff station training. Cummins enterprises also provides training of their own to our staff, they come every year to the factory to do quality control training. We offer product technical service training for all our staffs and customers.
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